Cloud Gate

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Huge outdoor sculpture shaped like a bean & allowing for views from its many mirrored sides. A great place for photographs.

Monuments & Statues


Where ?

Cloud Gate location and address:

place201 E. Randolph St., Millenium Park, Chicago, IL 60601-6530

phone+1 312-742-1168

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Duration ?

Cloud Gate visitors usually spend:

1 Hours
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Cloud Gate admission / entry tickets:

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⏰ Hours Fri 6AM–11PM Sat 6AM–11PM Sun 6AM–11PM Mon 6AM–11PM Tue 6AM–11PM Wed 6AM–11PM Thu 6AM–11PM
πŸƒ Average Wait timeUsually no queue, Just walk in at your convenience
🌨️ Indoor / Outdoor
πŸ’Ό Packing tips
πŸ”₯ Planning tips / Ticket deals
πŸ”₯ Planning tips / Ticket deals
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πŸ’² Parking charges
πŸ”₯ Save on ParkingNo deals yet, Click the red pen to add a deal
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β™Ώ Wheelchair accessibility Yes. Cloud Gate is Wheelchair accessible
🏠 Wheelchair RentalNot Available
🚴 Mobility scooter RentalNot Available
🎧 Assisted Listening devicesNot Available
🎫 Guided toursNot Available
πŸ’° Baggage storage Not available
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πŸ“± Free wifi ? Not offered. This attraction does not offer free wifi
🎁 Gift shop Not present
🐢 Are dogs allowed Yes. Feel free to bring your pets to this attaction. This attraction is pet friendly
πŸ₯• Restaurant Not Present
🎈 Kids play area Available. This attraction has ample space for the kids to play around
πŸ“Έ Camera / Taking pictures Yes. Feel free to take pictures in this attraction
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Prepare for your visit

🏰 History of this place
⚑ Highlights / Do-not-miss
πŸ—ΊοΈ Indoor Navigation maps / App
πŸ’‘ Other helpful tips
πŸ’‘ Other helpful tips
πŸ’‘ Other helpful tips

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