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Home Network Security Checklist

Modemly offers step-by-step instructions customized for your router model to secure the home WiFi network. Simple head over to and type in your router model name to follow the steps to change the defaults in your router

Port forwarding guides for your router

Openmyip has complete database of routers and offers detailed instructions for anyone to setup port forwarding rules. The site has been a valuable resource for gamers and home server enthusiasts

User Community software

With Hittly you can easily create a community for your users to engage and have buzzing conversations

Cloud Data Warehousing Community

Copycoding is the Cloud Data Warehousing Community where data engineers and data analysts come together to discuss everything related to data engineering on the cloud

Learn Data Analytics from Metric camp

Metric camp provides you with a quick introduction to Snowflake data warehouse and easily pick up the new skills. Its a free course, no need to signup, just visit the link and watch the videos