Flying Beast Gaurav Taneja to be Lawyer! Why? (Latest News)

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The Famous Indian Fitness and Lifestyle Vlogger, Former Indigo airlines and Ex- AirAsia India Pilot Gaurav Taneja a.k.a The Flying Beast has recently revealed in his latest vlog that he is going to Study Law and become a lawyer.

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Gaurav Taneja’s Decision

Gaurav Taneja said “I have decided to take admission in a college and live my student life again”. He added “I’ll live in Delhi and study here only because of my family and daughter (rasbhari), unless any situation arises where i have to…”

Why Pilot to Lawyer

So, our Flying Beast Gaurav Taneja would be competing all other law students this year at the entrance exam. He chose law as he thought it is something he has an interest in, suited his age group and would also help him in the Air asia controversy.

News or Inspiration?

This has become a breaking news and also a source of inspiration for his fans. Even at the age of 34, the IIT Kharagpur Alumnus has decided to live his Student life again and is currently preparing to pass the entrance exams. He also said that he would join a private college if he doesn’t pass the entrance exam and asked his Fans to support him to achieve his new goal.

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Flying beast gaurav taneja vs Air asia India

His motto was to know about the law so that he could fight Air Asia and also share some basic knowledge about legal matters to his fans. The Beast is Flying high! Keep Going…Work hard… Truth shall prevail…

The news has been reported from the latest vlog of Flying Beast named “Big Announcement! My Career after Aviation“. We assume these Facts to be true. However we don’t take any responsibility for it.

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