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Today, Social Raze shares you a Funny Viral Whatsapp Message on Coronavirus Essay! This message has been spreading mainly in regional languages like Odia, hindi, etc. But we have brought this essay in the Most popular English language for the 1st time. So, here we go!

A father asked his son to write an essay about Coronavirus (Covid 19) The essay which the son wrote is as follows :-

Coronavirus Essay


Many festivals are celebrated all over the world, including the Corona Festival. It is the new national festival of China. Now, it is celebrated by people all over the world. It is one of the most remembered International festival.


Schools, Hat Bazaars, Temples, Mosques, Churches etc. are closed during this festival. During this festival everyone has to follow the rules of wearing masks and sanitizing their hands. Schools and Colleges are closed and Exams are also delayed and conducted online or at home which ensures good marks to every student due to the blessings of Lord Google.

Benefits (advantages)

The special benefit for children is that parents are forced to give smartphones. The schools remain closed and online classes are conducted through Google Meet, Zoom, etc. Students bunk their classes and enjoy on Social Media and other stuffs.


Playing with friends in the playground is not allowed. Friends and Relatives cannot come and visit each other’s home. Moving in Market is restricted. The funny thing is that in this festival, Daddies learn to cook, wash dishes and also clean the house. Mummies call their friends and talks a lot.


I love Corona very much. Every student has the enthusiasm to worship Covid 19 and Lord Google. This occasion of Coronavirus should be celebrated and worshiped in every country with pomp every year to commemorate the Victory of students in the battlefield of Examinations.

Social Message

We hope you enjoyed and laughed reading this Viral Funny Coronavirus Essay. Corona or Covid 19 as been spreading everywhere in the World, mainly in India. This message has been written from a Student’s point of view in a positive side (humourous, funny and sarcastically) disregarding the negative side.

Of course, there are some boon or bane of every situation. The most important thing is to have courage and strength to fight with depression or loneliness in this pandemic situation and this Funny Viral Whatsapp message will surely help laugh many people. So, we at Social Raze request you to share this message to you friends and family through the Social Media platforms to help create a Smile on one’s Face :).

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